The Way Downs pull their sound from the gold mine of pre-disco funk—the same deep tracks now widely sampled by DJ’s and producers all over the world. It’s good-time, groove-based, stank-faced dance music with a jazz heart and a funky soul.

Put it this way: let’s say Huggy Bear is getting down with Foxy Brown . . . the El Dorado’s still warm in the driveway, Baretta’s flickering on the Magnavox, and the Way Downs are what’s spinning on the hi-fi. Aw yeah, now you got it!

The Way Downs started in 1995 as a bass, drums, and sax crew called the Jack Buddha Trio. The JB3 had a nice run around the Portland area, playing clubs, parties, and big-time events. After a bit of a hiatus, the band added some pieces and re-formed in 2006 as a quintet and is currently performing as a septet.

The Way Downs have played with Devin Phillips, Will Bernard, Das Vibenbass, The Quick and Easy Boys, Seoul Brother 1, The Excellent Gentlemen, Brownish Black, Trio Subtonic, Poncho Luxurio, The Goodfoot Allstars, and Maurice Brown at venues such as The Goodfoot, The Blue Monk, The Laurelthirst, Someday Lounge, Biddy Mcgraw’s, The Bitter End, The Tiger Bar, The White Eagle, Double Mountain Brewery, Everybody’s Brewing, and The San Dune Pub.